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Your holiday in a cottage in Vendée

You are going on holiday in Vendée, you want to reserve a cottage in your campsite Le Ragis.
In this article, we briefly present what you need to know about the mobile home and our range of mobile homes and other rental accommodation. To begin, a small reminder on what is called a mobile home, regulations, and then the presentation of the various types of accommodation offered by the campsite for your choice is easier.

NB: electric barbecues are forbidden

NB2: In some residences of 6 people, possibility of hosting a 7th person with supplement.

Mobil home what type of accommodation ?

A mobile home or mobile home, is a light dwelling serving as a second home. It is constructed so that it can be inhabited year-round, without foundations, it is built on a chassis allowing it to be towed. The mobile home is habitable as a classic house because connected to water, electricity and for the most part mobile residences of leisure are connected to the waste water and all in the sewer.

To put it simply, it is a large rectangular caravan that is temporarily fixed with “pilotis” (setting) on ​​a campground but that must be able to be removed if necessary. Its movement on the public highway is subject to the regulation of the exceptional convoy.

Note: the regulations prohibit the use of his mobile home as his main residence. Indeed, the law imposes on a principal residence a residential tax, inapplicable in the legal framework of a private operation of hotel type of open air. The enjoyment of its mobile residence of leisure rests on the beaches of opening of the camp-site in the year.

Regulation of mobile homes for recreation

The AFNOR NF S 56-410 standard, which entered into force on 20 December 1999, gave an official definition of the “mobile home of leisure” by clarifying its legal position. Here are the main rules that apply to Leisure Accommodation:

The maximum mobil home surface is 40 m². Beyond the regulation Habitation Léger de Loisir (The cottages) applies and requires a building permit (Article R421-2 Urban Planning Code)
The mobile home must retain its means of mobility, otherwise it falls within the category of light dwellings
A recreational mobile home may only be installed on a campground or a Residential Recreation Park (PRL)
It must be a temporary or seasonal residence and subject to the residence tax and not a permanent residence (subject to the residence tax)
It must be free of any accessory that would impede its mobility. The mobile home must be able to be moved in case of emergency (bad weather …) as well as at the express request of the administration.
the occupancy of the mobile home and its accessories may not exceed 30% of the total area of ​​the site
a mobile home or a cottage can only be on a rented site (camping or residential park leisure hotel management); only a light house of Leisure (or cottage) can be placed on a parcel purchased in a Residential Leisure Park (PRL).

The range of rental at the campsite Le ragis

Accommodation for 2 people in Vendée

The chalets for 2 persons

The campsite has a small, simple but comfortable and renovated chalet. It resembles a small hut with a private garden with its deckchair, parasol.

Its surface is of 23 m ² + a covered wooden terrace of 12 m ²
It has a bedroom with two single beds, living room with sofa bed, a kitchen, bathroom (shower, washbasin), toilet.

This is an economical and comfortable way to rent a chalet in Vendée in a campsite close to the sea.

Mobile homes or cottage 1 bedroom

These mobile homes are called Bikini cottages. These models of mobile homes were conceived for the reception of a couple with possibly a child.

Their surface is of 25m ² + a space garden
They have a bedroom with a double bed, a sitting area with double bed, kitchen, bathroom (shower, washbasin, wc).

The gîte 1 bedroom

The lodgings are located at a little distance from the campsite and assure the tranquility to the families who rather seek a comfortable accommodation with more privacy and more space than a mobil home or chalet. The advantage of the lodgings is that they are very close to the swimming pool. They have the advantages of a campsite rental without the disadvantages linked to noise nuisance because of their better thermal and sound insulation. The cottage is a good alternative for a stay in Vendée in spring or autumn.

Their surface is 36m ² + a private garden
They are composed of a room with a double bed, living room with click-clack to help in case of visit, a kitchen equipped, room of water (shower, washbowl, toilet).

The Chalets, Mobils O’hara and Mobil-homes are installed
on vast sites of great comfort (120 to 250 m ²) well demarcated and half-shaded.

Campsite Vendée for 4 people

The cottages or mobile homes 2 bedrooms

If you are rather mobile home, the campsite offers mobile homes of different brands: mobil home Ridorev, mobile home O’hara, companies located in Pays de Loire.

They are all equipped with a semi-covered wooden terrace or a paved terrace with arbor. They are composed of a room with a double bed, a room with 2 beds 1 place, corner living room with bed 1 person, kitchen, room of water (shower, washbowl and toilet).

The gîtes 2 rooms of the camp-site

Close to the swimming pool and away from the site of the campsite, the lodging is a shelter in hard offering the best comfort among the accommodation of the campsite.

Its surface is of 45m ² + a privatory garden with protected place for the car.
It consists of a bedroom with a double bed,

a bedroom with double bed and a single bed
or: 3 single beds,
a corner living room, equipped kitchen and a room of water (shower, washbowl, toilet).
Campsite Vendée for 6 people

At Ragis, again, you have the choice in the types of accommodation.

The 3 bedroom cottage

Surface 38m² + covered wooden terrace
Bedroom with a double bed, 2 bedrooms with 2 single beds each, sitting area with sofa bed, kitchen, bathroom (shower, washbasin), toilet.

The cottage 3 bedrooms 6 persons

On the ground floor, this is the largest camping site.

Its surface is 64m ² + private courtyard. You are truly at home, calm while being close to the facilities of the campsite: swimming pools, fishing pond, entertainment …
It has 2 bedrooms with a double bed, a bedroom with a single bed and a sofa bed, it also has a large kitchen and a bathroom (shower, washbasin and wc). These accommodations have been recently renovated to improve the quality of hospitality.

Mobile home for 8 people

Le Ragis is one of the few campsites in Vendée to offer 4-bedroom mobile homes. These are accommodations for 8 people very spacious: 40 m2 of surface, so to say that the big families will find space and comfort.
For most campsites when a family of 8 people wants to rent a mobile home in campsite, it is obliged to rent 2 accommodations for the whole family. At the Ragis, you save on accommodation as the 4-bedroom mobile home is ample.

So, you know everything about camping accommodation. We hope that this information will help you make your choice.

If you have any questions, please go to the contact page or call +33 2 51 68 08 49, we will be happy to answer your questions.

Rent mobil home in vendée, the methods of payment

Methods of payment accepted: cash, check, credit card Visa, and bank transfer

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